Enter into a world where you can suit up in ultra high-tech laser sensored vest, move through column forest and maze-like corridors to zap your opponents and deactivate the opposing team's headquarters.

Here’s what you can expect: First stop is the briefing room, where you’re instructed on game strategies and the rules of the game. In the vesting room, you’re fitted with a high tech vest which has laser sensors located on the front and back. You're also given a phaser, which emits a visible laser beam.

The game takes place in an arena filled with pulsating lights, high energy music and laser enhancing mist. Score points with your phaser by tagging other players and deactivating the opposing team's headquarters. You can be tagged six times before your phaser is deactivated.

The Q-computer tracks you throughout the game, your individual score is displayed to see who won and who scored a personal best.

Q-ZAR Laser Tag’s fully interactive entertainment concept has proven to appeal to male and females ages 6 and older and 45 inches and taller.